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We are glad that you decided to create your website. Creating a website with is really easy!

From the Website just click on the button that reads "Create Your Bio"

Select the Category and Profession from the menu

Type your preferred username. This Username will become the first part of your Domain Name

Click on the 


A Domain Name is the address on the Internet where your information is stored and displayed. It is the address that you hand out to people who want to search you on the Internet

Using a web Browser (like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge or Opera), there is a space at the top where each domain name is displayed. This space is usually called a URL bar or Address Bar or Browser Bar

Typically, a domain name used to look like this: domain names are made for people, freelance workers and professionals. They look like this:

As you can see, all our Domain Names end with ".bio" instead of ".com", because they are specifically made to display your "bio" (your personal or professional information).

All our domain names ALSO include your profession, which you can choose from our vast array of 

You can personalize your domain name with your name, specialty, city or acronym, before your profession. This way, you can create domain names such as


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We strive to give you the easiest onboarding experience ever. Getting online should not be painful. It should be joyful!

No. ou don't need to buy anything else. There are no hidden fees or additional hosting costs. Our offering is completely transparent and you will always receive the solution that you paid for.


Of course you can!

We offer a 7-day free trial on all our websites. Even though your website is made automatically in less than 3 minutes


We have created a "back-end" dashboard, where you can update your personal information easily.

Every section of our website is User Friendly and every change that you make is displayed on your website immediately. You don´t need to wait for hours for your changes to appear or to propagate on the Internet.

The way that our Dashboard works is very simple:

1. Access the Log-in page (from or from your personal website)

2. Type your domain name and password and click on the login button

3. You will arrive immediately to the "Me" section, where you can update your name and profile photo.

4. Type your name, upload your photo and click on SAVE. Your changes will be saved immediately. 

5. If you wish to view your website, just click on the "Preview Website" button on the bottom-right corner (on mobile it looks like an open eye)

6. To Navigate to edit a different section, just click on the Slider Menu (The menu on the top-left corner) and select the section that you want to edit.

7. Once the page opens, you will see some buttons at the top. These buttons help you navigate within each section. For example, the "Me" section has 2 buttons on top

a. The first button allows you to Edit your Name and Profile Photo

b. The second button allows you to edit your Slogan and Long Description

You can Edit the followig sections:

a. Me

b. Skills (to add your Services, Certifications and Languages)

c. Contacts (to add your phone, physical address or zip code, alternate website, Social Media accounts)

d. Gallery (

e. Settings: From here you can change the background color of your website, change your password, persnoalize your SEO and Delete your Website completely


Select the appropriate area in your Dashboard and just click Save!


If you are reading this question, you already know that Google uses a tracking code to verify the ownership of your domain, as well as to track the visibility of your website.

We have made it really easy for you to customize your tags, title, description



Of course you can!

We provide 5 random free-distribution photos (thanks to Pixabay for this!) automatically loaded in your website. However, you can change these photos 2 different ways:

1. Select other photos from our Gallery. We have different photos that you can select from our own internal gallery

2. Select other photos from your own device. You can select other photos that you own.